Turn Entrepreneurs-In-Debts Into Entrepreneurial Investors



It Is The Courage To Go & Grow That Counts.  ~SvetiP


AddCap is assist with creative capital and corporate solutions the financially under served micro, small and medium-sized enterprises with current financial status "not bankable" and who doesn't fit the conditions of the mainstream lending institutions.

We help to make your project and/or business 'fundable', to reach your financial and corporate goals, to avoid long terms debt obligations and dependence from the funding sources, and to start the formation of your sustainable wealth. 

At AddCap we create pools of funding and investment opportunities - not just to raise funds for a certain project but to increase your financial stability and to be you capable to invest in each of your projects in years.

We even turn entrepreneurs-in-debts into entrepreneurial investors, create networks of the tomorrow's co-investors and partners, adjust and develop and - when needed, we create bespoke funding and investment vehicles tied to your projects needs.

With AddCap Multi-funding pools and creative Invest-to-fund vehicles, you have the opportunity to transform virtually any weaknesses into strengths, to work with the right for you capital partners and to grow independently.



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