Turn Entrepreneurs-In-Debts Into Entrepreneurial Investors


AddCap is the lean alternative for financially underestimated, under served and distressed micro, small and medium-sized businesses. We don't frame projects in "bankable or not". We use innovative financial and corporate techniques to enhance virtually any project as 'fund able' and to raise funds for it.

At AddCap we source, adjust and create innovative financial and corporate tools to assist your entrepreneurial sustainability and independence from financial sources, local political and bureaucracy formations. We support, educate and lead where create entrepreneurial investment practices with clear vision, purpose, and impact.

As the pioneer in providing hybrid financing, investment, and corporate services to unbankable clients in the CEE, we developed a proven model of multi-funding, asset enhancement, and PAct Investments pools of opportunities. We are unique with supporting the transformation of Entrepreneurs-In-Debts into Entrepreneurial Investors, and we are the first who offer specialized vehicles for wealth creation and management to the micro, small and medium Net Worth Individuals, being Entrepreneurs and/or Investors.

We are proud of the development of AddCap we started a few years ago as a subsidiary of the KIM Group and now transformed into special purpose unit of the seven conduits, we build Europe wide. 

Our broad knowledge and internationally gained professional experience from different industries, together with the powerful network of partners is just a part of the advantages our customers have at disposal to reach their financial and corporate sustainability. No project is too big or too small for us, we are an industry' and country' agnostic consulting platform and are specialized in creative business opportunities engineering.


Unfortunately, with the vast growing intermediary and consulting industry in the East European countries, there are many fake brokers and consultants, advisers and investors. The blacklist of fraudsters is growing up fast.

Without the right adviser on your site, you are at a risk to lose your money and time. Know your adviser before to sign any single paper with! If not sure, don't sign anything before to speak with us. Do your homework and ask us for our fraud-check service to resolve your doubts in time.

Stay away from "brokers" who state they are working with us and/or even as our representatives or partners. Our teams and partners are listed on any of our sites and if you do not find some name that means for sure s/he is not one of us. 

There is no mercy for any kind of fraud and anyone is obligated to record and report such cases to the responsible financial regulation authorities! 




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