Turn Entrepreneurs-In-Debts Into Entrepreneurial Investors



 To start work on your file, we need an up to 3 pages Executive Summary or Project's idea data - whatever you have. As a second step, you should be ready to provide with a filled CIS form (to be sent to you) and a POF - a simple bank tear sheet from your account or a confirmation letter from your bank - any of them not older than 3 banking days.

If your project is accepted by us, additional documentation applies and/or could be prepared by us.

Expect our response in up to 72 hours. A call conversation will be settled to discuss your certain project's needs. If ready to proceed, Confidential Agreement and Advisory Services Agreement will be issued to you. After both signed, we will put your case on the table.

Without professionally prepared project's documentation, there is no way to present your project or business for funding and generally, no project could be funded in such a way. Saving money on this step means there is not a real client and not a real project.

If no proper project's docs, let us help you to avoid the risk to be refused even before to make the first step in the funding procedure(s). We will draft your full project documentation in some 20 days only, depend on the kind and volume of your project and against a reasonable fee. 

Don't ask for drafting without payment or against a payment after funding. We are not investors but counselors. The same is valid for the due diligence if asked. 

Neither the project documentation nor the due diligence is a guarantee that your project will be funded by a certain investor(s). Both procedures are what give you the chance to conquer the hundreds of other projects presented on an everyday basis to the same investors who could be attracted to your one.

Because of the nature of the advanced capital raising hybrid programs, no adviser will teach clients and the access to such programs is highly restricted. The client has the choice neither to be already experienced in or well informed or to grant his trust to the adviser and to follow his guidance.

Although at AddCap we assist our valued clients at every stage and by every step till the financial goals are reached and even after, the final decision on to move up or walk away with certain funding vehicle or program is up to the client's side only.


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