Turn Entrepreneurs-In-Debts Into Entrepreneurial Investors

Multiple Opportunities

 Multi-funding is about the hybridization in full service per client of more of one funding sources, including for own capital and those attracted from others. The process is extremely sensitive towards the time of execution since it must be organized from the start to finish before to step in. We implement such hybridized structures where with one round it is not possible to achieve the financial goal per a certain project and/or we find the project value could be significantly increased with improving the project itself where that mean higher investments will be needed in comparison with the first planned. The aim is to reach the maximum funding volume in steps and only when the client understands and accept in full the purpose of such method of funding and the prescribed funding procedures. These hybrid structures minimize the financial pressure on the client and open opportunities to generate more and faster capital than through the classical funding channels and rounds.  

Clients who are comfortable with going into long-term debts and/or to give away bigger equity shares of their businesses could also count on our support. In these cases, we strive to provide with less greedy sources and to negotiate better terms and conditions of their credit lines and loans. But again, we should make these clients bankable, too and only after that to act in a casual way.

Through our relations, there are few possibilities for collateralization, monetization and/or leverage of different types of assets and you should be the real owner(s) of those assets. No mandates, 'partners', creditors, etc., but the real owners are only who are eligible for.

Specially designed funding and investment vehicles for small caps are available on a non-regular basis and depend on the client's eligibility and could be used as a source of capital for your projects, too.

For certain territories (see here), we assist you with setting the right corporate structures for your project/business, incl. obtaining of the domestic government's or some international organizations' financial and tax incentives which may be active at the time of development of your project. And sure, we help you with the accommodation issues, too. 

If you are a small - crowd and/or unaccredited investor looking for income producing opportunities, our newest and most advanced investment vehicle, the CrowdWealth platform is probably the right vehicle for you. We offer safe and with low-risk investments with multiple investors' protection levels and the minimum returns are 10% per made investment.

We source more deals and income opportunities for crowd investors than any other (usual crowdfunding) platform by never seen before protection and attractiveness of the deals. Through us, you could be a proud owner of some of the most lucrative projects, businesses and real estates in Central, East and Emerging Europe.

We can even personalize and combine your own unique funding and investment mix of financial products, according to your entrepreneurial and/or investor's profile. Any client, business, and goals are unique and this the point from we start to work on your project, business growth, and wealth creation.



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