Turn Entrepreneurs-In-Debts Into Entrepreneurial Investors


The AddCap business model is specially designed by and for micro, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial investors. In contrast to many, the AddCap platform engages multiple funding sources for a single project and at any stage of its development.

Our chameleon-like process includes Multi- funding, -investment and return sources and cut the time and costs of raising capital. We combine in unique sets per project the funding, the generating of own, even free of debts capital and form enclaves of doing together for better returns businesses.

We are the pioneers of creating wealth opportunities for the crowd and in the sustainable wealth formation for the unbankable business owners.

Our clients have the choice to use us at any stage of their project/business development for services as follow: 

Collateral Enhancement

Project Bootstrapping and Value Improvement

Financial and tax incentives 

Projects and Businesses Funding

Multi-funding® Pool, PAct® Investments, Entrepreneurial Vincubator®, Crowd Wealthing®

Corporate Formation and Internationalization 

 and more 


Many of our services and solutions are born in steps because of the unique nature of any project and his/her entrepreneur's vision. As creative consultants, we are always in a position to provide an open source of opportunities for funding projects, income generating sources, mutual (co-)investments and wealth growth.

Interested to find more about our network? You could be one of our valued partners, neither as an investor or as an entrepreneur and/or one of our current clients who are on the way to become our partners.

We are proud to going bigger together not only with our investors but also with our former clients, and with partners who share our entrepreneurial vision. 

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