Turn Entrepreneurs-In-Debts Into Entrepreneurial Investors

Money vs. Wealth

With so many financial sources, as never before, the financial industry has fail to cover the gap between the money and its biggest target group. Worldwide, above 70% of the all business enterprises are of micro, small and medium size and who keep the national economies.

The traditional project funding and banking lending services are not designed to met the financial needs of the micro, small and medium enterprises, especially in the East European region. Typical for the modern industry model, the financial services are mostly for large caps and for those who pass the border control of having an asset of interest for the banks only. The rest clients without some convertible asset and/or cash on hand use to survive on the financial market there and are forming the so called army of the 'non bank able' customers.

The thrue is different. The real picture right now is that the banks and their credit satellites are not able to KYC (know your customers) and are not even interested to know them. The banks have not tailored to this target financial services and what is more important, have not interest to develop and offer such ones. Why?

By nature, the banks are mass acumulative and distributing money chanels. Even the modern world need banking services but don't need the bank institution as it is today. The way the banks work is to produce borrowers in long terms only, doesn't matter business or personal but borrowers. So long you are in certain level of debts with some even domestically only attractive asset, the banks are interested in you. Short to say, the bank is there to collect profit from your debts, not to support you/your business growth. Period.

The so called alternative financing is by nature made and developed of and for the privileged HNWI only and even for them there are strong terms and conditions like the opportunity to participate in 'by invitation only'. But those 'alternative' financing is based on the same wrong principle and this 'money creating invention' is actually money producing machine only and again by producing debts - unfortunatelly without borders, control and limits and in amounts hard to be imaged already.

There is nothing worse than to bear the fruit of conversion of means to achieve a goal into a goal itself and that is what happens when you miss the spirit of the bottle.

At Addcap team, we are looking to totally different way of creating wealth. Monies are there just like the apples and you need them for certain purposes only and with the one goal, to create a wealth of independence. Nothing more and nothing less, too. As Joshua Kennon said, "The greatest way to achieve financial independence is to collect cash generating assets, while avoiding liabilities and risk." to which we add simple that those 'collection of generating cash assets' must be produced by you (or at least managed by you).


to be continued

4 Dec 2014

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