Turn Entrepreneurs-In-Debts Into Entrepreneurial Investors

Know Your Customer or Die

The innovative financing is often known as new financing schemes especially made to fund large and infrastructure projects and backed by the World bank or some of the bigger world banks. The thrue about is those mechanisms fall in the same frame as any other model funding till today, means those are instruments to support the bigger players in the game only, so to make welthies more wealth and to produce future debts for the rest of the world. The digital banking, the banking innovations and all that stuffs around how innovative some leading banks are is just about the same creation of present and future debts but in more refined way.

After the grandios fail of the microlending, the last cry of the traditional funding, there is a silence in the room. Insteed to fulfil the great millenium goals of its founder and supporters, the microlending proved the same old thrue again - that when you lend you create nothing more then future debts and the only diferrence there is the amount lended at more hard or soft conditions. To make the things more worse, when creating future debts of the target like the micro enterprises which are mostly family runned business-like activities (because it is hard to be called businesses in majority of the cases) you put this target at incredible high risk. In addition to creating long term debts this is the way to produce nothing more then people in debts about their existence already, not just their business-like activities. This is the modern way of producing nothing then slavers. Whit the speed the microlending virus is spreeded across the world (just like a AIDS) there are already entire countries and nations, incl. their second and third (before to be born) generations your working power for nothing. To named Africa is enough. From some point of view, it is the greatest shame and the worst atrocity of the modern humanity.

The good news is there is something the financial engineering missed in full and what could not be controlled by the financial elite. The natural move of the crowd of the people who believe there is a better way to support the sustainable development and those in most need of support.

The first new step in this way is the crowd funding vehicle. What the crowd can do for you can no other. The collective 'Yes' or 'No' granted to choosed to be funded projects has influence in few Billions already and is continued to grow. The rapid development in the crowdfunding scene show how powered is the free good will of the people around the world. But not only. The crowdfunding boom show a very important thing - how much un-prepared are the financial authorities and institutions and how much far away are the real financial needs of the projects developers from what is known in the traditional banking and funding industry. Now is obviously it is not about the businesses are not bankable but about the banks, their credit satellites and all the rest lending entities are not customs-able. The lending facilities doesn't know their clients and don't wish to know them. Is that simple.


to be continued


17 Nov 2014

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